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Friends Of Buyijja NGO

Founder's Bios

Madelyn, Debbie and Patric Miller during "Dad's Day" at Oregon State University.

Founding Members
Patric Miller, Debbie Miller, Madelyn Miller

While the work we do is expanding, the term “staff” would be an overstatement of fact. The truth is, FriendsOfBuyijja is an organization formed of hundreds of donors from across the world, one organizing fund-raiser, and one very dedicated project manager.

As we state in “our story,” FriendsOfBuyijja was born from seeing needs and finding solutions, when Madelyn Miller, was an Oregon State University internship in Uganda. Patric and Debbie Miller, her parents, began in earnest to try to help with basic school supply funding, and from this small action, a long-lasting legacy was planted.

Before she left to return to her life in the United States, school supplies, books, shoes for more than 260 children, as well as playground equipment were planned, purchased and installed.

Since her return, her father, Patric took over the primary role of motivator, fund-raiser, and organizer, with the help of his wife, Debbie, a 4th and 5th grade teacher in their hometown of Eugene, Oregon.

Patric has a long history in multimedia production, internet services, and marketing. His job is simple…keep hope and interest growing, so that more projects may be added to the long list of accomplishments, as well as creating a sustainable effort that will support the school for years to come.

Project Manager
Kibubuka Emmanuel

Nothing could be accomplished without the day-to-day project management and communications skills of Kibubuka Emmanuel, or as we know him, Emma.

As a former member of the Ugandan National Rugby Club, a graduate of Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda, Emma’s skill set is perfectly suited to plan, negotiate, buildand deliver every project we endeavour, on time and often under budget.

Working now with both village officials and regular advisory service to the school, Emma does not draw any salary from FriendsOfBuijja, but is instead, supported by in-kind gifted “salary” by Patric and ad revenue derived from blogging/marketing activities.

FriendsOfBuijja is a gift of love, made possible by the people directly and indirectly supporting our efforts. Donors come from a wide variety of social networks, including friends, family, and fans of The Simpsons Tapped Out (, a worldwide social/gamer blog managed by Patric.

For Questions, Press Inquiries or Donor Relations
Contact: Patric Miller

To contact Emma (Emmanuel Kibubuka) our project manager in Uganda

Once again…thanks for your support. Without your help, none of this work would be possible.

Friends of Buyijja Helping to Change Lives in the Rural Village of Buyijja, Uganda
NGO # 1980690 a Non-Governmental Organization in Uganda ~ Registered United States Domestic Non-Profit Corporation- #118217298