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Our Primary Mission
Supporting the School with Books, Supplies and Teaching Aids

Emergency Remote Learning Supplies for
The Children of the village of Buyijja in Rural

Covid -19 has had a devastating outcome for the Buyijja Village School we support in Rural Uganda. After almost six years of amazing progress, through the help of our donors, all schools in Uganda have been shut down. The solution by the Ugandan leadership has been to provide radios or television sets to villages in order to do remote learning for students.

As the rural villages like Buyijja, are without electricity, this is untenable, leaving hundreds of students without school options. Reports of child slavery, early forced marriages, as well as health and food shortages are rampant.

Our project manager has implemented an emergency option to get teaching materials to the students by way of individual in-person distribution, to do our best to keep hope alive. The cost of these "Holiday Packages" along with writing tools is substantial, and is at best a "stop gap" until conditions for the village improve, and the government allows the schools to reopen.

Every dollar of your donation will go to this end. It is only through your generosity that we can keep our message of "Hope and Love" for the future of these children alive.


Why we use GoFundMe
While it is true that GoFundMe takes a small percentage of each donation for proceessing fees, we have found them to be the most effective way to collect and convert currency from disparate locations across the world. They convert, and make the funds available easily, allowing donors to use their choice of credit or debit cards.

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Make Check out to: Friends of Buyijja Corp.
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Patric Miller
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In Novemener 2015, we were granted our NGO status in Uganda, which gives us some tax advantages there when purchasing, and may give our donors the ability to write off theirdonations. Please consult your tax proffesstional before doing so. In February 2016, we also became a Registered United States Domestic Non-Profit Corporation- #118217298 , and will be able to retroactively send statements to any and all who have donated since our inception. Let us know if you want a statement.

Contact Information

For Questions, Press Inquiries or Donor Relations,
Contact: Patric Miller

To contact Emma (Emmanuel Kibubuka) our project manager in Uganda

Once again…thanks for your support. Without your help, none of this work would be possible.

Friends of Buyijja Helping to Change Lives in the Rural Village of Buyijja, Uganda
NGO # 1980690 a Non-Governmental Organization in Uganda ~ Registered United States Domestic Non-Profit Corporation- #118217298