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Our Primary Mission
Supporting the School with Books, Supplies and Teaching Aids

Winter Term School Supplies 2020
Our original project was a simple one; help provide supplies and books to a rural village school that had none. Since our first gift of books, supplies, teaching aids and workbooks to the Buyijja Model Primary School in June of 2014, the school has grown to more than 280 students. The need for these supplies is ongoing, as the school has three terms.

As we feel that education is the lynch-pin toward improving the lives of all children. And the RESULTS are amazing… After just two terms of funding, the Buyijja Village School went from 24% passing their Semester exams to 93% passing! It is obvious the difference that basic teaching supplies and books make. We have started countless children on the road to success.

Now, we need to keep the support coming. Education is the only real solution for the overall enrichment of the next generation. There are countless staff and teachers who are giving of their time tirelessly, to populations that often include as many as 40% of their students being orphans. The worst thing we could do at this point, would be to suspend support, after building up hope. Please help us sustain their future.

This Is Our 18th Round of Support for School Supplies since starting in 2014. Be Part Of The Solution!


Our Biggest Project In Our History...
When conditions change, we addapt. But, are now on track to change generations of lives...

We began fundraising for this project back in 2016, and then, due to concerns with security, and changes in immediate needs brought about by drought, the project was adapted to begin vocational farming, but the building construction were put on hold, while another well and rain gathering/water storage tank were constructed.

Adapting and modifying is the benchmark of how the Buyijja Village school has survived through innumerable challenges. And now, we are ready to move forward for our most ambitious project to date.

The school faces three distinct challenges that can be solved with this project.

1. Temporary Boarding for Teachers and Students who come from remote villages or are forced to remain overnight due to inclement weather conditions. Due to the success of the Buyijja Village School since regular support for supplies and books began back in 2014, the number of students has grown substantially, primarily from under-served villages in the surrounding region. As these children make the trip by foot, over miles of jungle and open dirt roads, they often choose to spend the night, rather than walk in darkness in the undeveloped, unsafe roads and trails that surround the school. Temporary boarding, with clean water, sanitary bathrooms, and solar lighting would provide a safe, if temporary alternative.

2. Vocational Education in Farming, with a safe storage area for tools, seed, and processing area.

3. Sustainable Food Source that helps feed students and teachers, while educating a generation of new farmers with responsible and sustainable agriculture practices. This project will be done in three phases, the first of which (Vocational Training and Farming) has already been started. Construction and remodeling of the existing building can be done in phases, with the addition of bathrooms, a well, and rain collection/storage tanks being added in the second stage. Final stage will include Solar lighting, and furnishing the dormitory area with beds, work tables, and food preparation area.


See a detailed description of these projects by Clicking HERE

Why we use GoFundMe
While it is true that GoFundMe takes a small percentage of each donation for proceessing fees, we have found them to be the most effective way to collect and convert currency from disparate locations across the world. They convert, and make the funds available easily, allowing donors to use their choice of credit or debit cards.

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In Novemener 2015, we were granted our NGO status in Uganda, which gives us some tax advantages there when purchasing, and may give our donors the ability to write off theirdonations. Please consult your tax proffesstional before doing so. In February 2016, we also became a Registered United States Domestic Non-Profit Corporation- #118217298 , and will be able to retroactively send statements to any and all who have donated since our inception. Let us know if you want a statement.

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To contact Emma (Emmanuel Kibubuka) our project manager in Uganda

Once again…thanks for your support. Without your help, none of this work would be possible.

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