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Our Primary Mission
Supporting the School with Books, Supplies and Teaching Aids

Winter Term School Supplies 2018
Our original project was a simple one; help provide supplies and books to a rural village school that had none. Since our first gift of books, supplies, teaching aids and workbooks to the Buyijja Model Primary School in June of 2014, the school has grown to more than 280 students. The need for these supplies is ongoing, as the school has three terms.

As we feel that education is the lynch-pin toward improving the lives of all children. And the RESULTS are amazing… After just two terms of funding, the Buyijja Village School went from 24% passing their Semester exams to 93% passing! It is obvious the difference that basic teaching supplies and books make. We have started countless children on the road to success.

Now, we need to keep the support coming. Education is the only real solution for the overall enrichment of the next generation. There are countless staff and teachers who are giving of their time tirelessly, to populations that often include as many as 40% of their students being orphans. The worst thing we could do at this point, would be to suspend support, after building up hope. Please help us sustain their future.


At the Buyijja Village School in rural Uganda, it is not unusual for some students and teacher who have come from distant villages, to spend the night in the school, rather than take the long trek home each day. When darkness comes, their only source of light is small, karosene lamps that are neither safe, nor practical. The charging/lighting stations that we will provide, will create solar lighting and a charging station for each of the three primary buildings in the school. This provides a safe, secure way to light their lives...while helping those who come to volunteer their time to be able to charge mobile devices for commmunication and education.

We have worked hard to provide books/supplies and teaching aids, a bathroom, water supplies, and several other projects to support the school... Now..,LET THERE BE LIGHT!

FUNDED!! Click here to see pics!


Emergency Water Tank Project
After the devistating drought conditions that have been prevelant over the past year in the Buyijja region, almost all of the water sources for the village and the Buyijja village school have been depleted or exhausted. The well we built has run dry...and the spring that is more than 2.5 miles away, has become sporadic and feted.

Adding to this, climate change has also altered the regular "rainy season" when the ground water tables are renewed, and they now start later, and last for a shorter time. For this reason, we need to build a rain/collection storage tank system to gather and store rain water for all uses, including drinking, washing, and cooking.

This will be the first of many tanks- but we want to start quickly, and move forward from there, while we begin raising funds for a new well.

FUNDED!!! THANK YOU to all who helped us reach this goal!

See a detailed description of these projects by Clicking HERE

Why we use GoFundMe
While it is true that GoFundMe takes a small percentage of each donation for proceessing fees, we have found them to be the most effective way to collect and convert currency from disparate locations across the world. They convert, and make the funds available easily, allowing donors to use their choice of credit or debit cards.

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In Novemener 2015, we were granted our NGO status in Uganda, which gives us some tax advantages there when purchasing, and may give our donors the ability to write off theirdonations. Please consult your tax proffesstional before doing so. In February 2016, we also became a Registered United States Domestic Non-Profit Corporation- #118217298 , and will be able to retroactively send statements to any and all who have donated since our inception. Let us know if you want a statement.

Contact Information

For Questions, Press Inquiries or Donor Relations,
Contact: Patric Miller

To contact Emma (Emmanuel Kibubuka) our project manager in Uganda

Once again…thanks for your support. Without your help, none of this work would be possible.

Friends of Buyijja Helping to Change Lives in the Rural Village of Buyijja, Uganda
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