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Friends of Buyijja
began as a community of who give unconditional gifts large and small, to support the work we do for the Buyijja Village School. We begain with simple social media and crowd sourcing, and have found that this still remains our best source of communication. However, as we grow and expand the breadth of projects, we realize that regular communication with our donors, to help them see their donations at work, is paramount to our continued success.

We gather email information from our GoFundMe accounts, and Pay Pal contribributors. When you donate, you will become part of our mailing list. However, if you have not yet donated, or simply want regular updates about our progress, please send your email information to, and we will be sure to put you on our regular email list.

Your input is invaluable to our success. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

For Questions, Press Inquiries or Donor Relations,
Contact: Patric Miller

To contact Emma (Emmanuel Kibubuka) our project manager in Uganda

Once again…thanks for your support. Without your help, none of this work would be possible.

Friends of Buyijja Helping to Change Lives in the Rural Village of Buyijja, Uganda
NGO # 1980690 a Non-Governmental Organization in Uganda ~ Registered United States Domestic Non-Profit Corporation- #118217298